The job of a Fashion Designer

Fashion designer

It is the designer who design the models and create fashion collections, pret a porter (PAP) or high fashion collections (luxury).

The designer works with the model if it is not a single person.
The pattern maker works from drawings made by the designer, and create the pattern, for the creation of prototypes. In general, only about 20% of the time a fashion designer is devoted to pure creation … the remaining time on the work of a designer technique. The income depends primarily on its function. In case of freelance, the incomes may be irregular (according to the missions).
Nevertheless we can give the following estimate of salary based on experience:

  • Employee fashion designer : starts at 1560 € gross
  • Novice Fashion Designer : 1 800 and 2 400 € gross … according to the company.
  • Confirmed Fashion Designer: can earn over € 4 000 grossHowever, be aware that these figures are set by different agencies, but the reality may differ … such as competition between companies and the existence of offers on the market.


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