Creativity in tough times.

Today is 24th of May 2020.

We are now 2 weeks since France started relaxing its confinement measures caused by the COVID-19 virus. In total the country was ground to a halt for around 8 weeks.

Although we all have much to say about this unprecedented situation which has affected most of the world and happens less than once in a lifetime, I want to talk about how it has affected me as an artist.

Im lucky in that my art does not put food on my table, for that I have a full time job. During the lockdown, I was able to work from home which as an artist, with heath issues, was a game changer.
For once in my life I was earning money but by cutting out my morning commute, I was able to make art, late into the night and sleep later in the morning. Having no evening commute freed up more time still and reduced the fatigue which is the main cause for my lack of creativity.



As seen in my other blogs, I have a number of health issues but by being stuck at home, I could handle it my way. Again giving me life and energy to work on my creative projects.
And it’s a two-way street!

My art has been pouring out of me, certainly for the first few weeks and gave me an opportunity to detach from my day job and my physical pain. But all artists need inspiration and in a social lockdown situation could make that difficult, if you let it. I found my escape and my freedom in books, reading till 4 am on a weeknight, what a luxury that is! I feel like I have found myself again and as a result I am better at my day job.




My heart is singing, as loud as the birds, the wind carries my hopes and dreams and inspirations all around me as the trees rustle their leaves. Our environment is getting healthier as are our lifestyles. Our mental health and our economy can be stronger from this, like a phoenix from the ashes. Its all connected but we must stay creative, concentrate on what we have learned, what have been the benefits and spread the joy.

While the future is uncertain for most of us, one thing is for sure, the world has been shook by this event in our history. Change is afoot and there is hope beyond words. This is big picture stuff, which is rare in our increasing segregated, stressed out society.

The only think I know, is that we need to be creative to over overcome this challenge but we need to be challenged, to inspire our creativity.